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Greenhouse Considerations

Having your own greenhouse is simply wonderful and we highly recommend it!

Every day innovative folks call and email us sharing their successes. They amaze (and delight!) us with the creative ways they’ve used their greenhouses to start small businesses, expand their hobbies, extend their sun-filled outdoor spaces, and even build aviaries. Imagination is the only real limitation.

A greenhouse will bring you years of enjoyment. To ensure complete satisfaction, we suggest you consider the following:

  • Size: How big does your greenhouse need to be for your current projects? In a few years? Will you use it just for growing plants, or for plants plus early season/late season outdoor potting, reading and relaxing?
  • Budget: What can you afford to spend and what do you need to spend to get a greenhouse that will serve you well? Are you in the market for a showpiece or a nice, functional solution? Greenhouse prices range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands depending on materials, size, features and installation (DIY or professionally constructed).
  • Solar vs. supplied heat: Are you counting on free solar heat for your greenhouse or are you planning to supply gas or electric heat? This will affect your choice of materials, the location for your greenhouse and, of course, construction and maintenance costs.
  • Permanent or portable: Are you leaning toward a greenhouse that requires an excavated foundation (and possibly building permits and property tax implications)? Or one that can be constructed simply and even moved around your property?

If you decide that a sturdy, inexpensive greenhouse, heated by Mother Nature’s sunshine and cooled by her breezes is for you, a Hoop House is the ideal choice! See our Web Specials to learn why you should order now.

For questions and phone orders please call toll-free 1-800-760-5192

Greenhouse Considerations

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