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Our genuine Hoop Houses are created for gardeners who want more.

More growing time.
With a Hoop House you can pretend youíve moved two growing zones south without ever packing a box. Your season will be longer and your garden will produce more. Imagine eating homegrown cherry tomatoes in October or November. Crisp, baby lettuce in February.

More protection from the elements and hungry animals.
Put an end to flatten, frozen and feasted upon plants. With a Hoop Houseís protection from forceful weather and hungry wildlife, your garden will be yours to enjoy. This year savor your own homegrown sweet strawberries, fresh green peas and dazzling daylilies.

More opportunities to grow a wide variety of plants.
With a Hoop House, your longer growing seasons will allow you to try varieties you couldnít grow before. Sun ripened melons, intoxicating jasmine - you have your own wish list, right?

More control over income and schedules.
Hoop Houses have helped growers across the country supplement their incomes, create part and full time employment, and gain control over their lives. Ever thought about starting your own business? A Hoop House is an inexpensive way to begin that dream.

More fun.
With a Hoop House in your backyard you can spend late winter days outside, in a delightfully warm, bright, fragrant space. Lay some patio stones at one end of your greenhouse. Bring in a garden chair and add a blooming plant. Read your seed catalogs in the warm sunshine - in February.

Now donít you deserve more?

For questions and phone orders please call toll-free 1-800-760-5192

Why a Hoop House?

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